Monday, February 24, 2014

Before and After

Michael, Justin and Grandpa Ken shaved their heads
To show support for our sister-in-law who was battling cancer.
She's better now Thank goodness and our thoughts and prayers
were with them during that difficult time in their lives.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Because Two People Fell In Love

Michael and Gail Forever...(It's so sappy I know, not normally a sappy person, but once in a while I suffer a case of extreme sentiment.)  You've been warned.
As our 15th Wedding Anniversary approaches I find myself thinking about our beginnings, where we are now, and where we're going.  We met in the autumn of 1995, married in the Autumn of 1998, and now in the Autumn of 2013, nearly twenty years later I realize we've quite a history together.  I almost wish blogs existed back then, I would have a much more detailed history of us...Not that I blog everything for crying out loud.

We met our first year at Salt Lake Community College.  This is a funny story, (funny - ironic, not funny - ha ha) I didn't plan to go to SLCC.  I was well on my way to the University of Utah.  But, due to a tumultuous, painful and truthfully, a very scary senior year, I had to change my plans.  Years later I would discover that was the most significant turning point in my life!  It was there that I met the young and very dashingly handsome Mr. Rimington when we both joined the Institute of Religion choir.  I wrote to him while on his mission, even though I was also writing to my high school sweetheart while he was serving in the military, (we had agreed to see other people).  I never thought Mike and I would write more than a few "kick-off" to your mission letters, but God had other plans and we became fast friends!

After a year of writing to Mike I realized I didn't just enjoy our instant friendship, but I truly loved him.  Discovering how I knew I loved him was a special experience for me that I won't share here.  But I was certain I loved him and now I was counting down the days until he returned.  Which eventually he did and three months later we were engaged, three months after that we were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. 

Now four babies, seven years of school, fours different residences, and seven vehicles later, we are still going strong.  We've put in a front and back yard together, built a shed together, finished a basement and remodeled our upstairs together.  We've seen each other through changes in employment, nursed one another back to health when ill, and grown together as we've learned about my depression and anxiety.  We've cried on one another's shoulders, shared our deepest concerns for our children and family.  We've read the scriptures together and shared our testimonies with each other in our words and our deeds. 

He compliments my weaknesses with his strengths, and I hope I do the same for him.  Mike, I love you more than these simple, inadequate words can express.  I will love you forever.

                                                  First Family Photo with Emma
From our first baby to our last,
Emma, Aaron, Rebekah and Moriah
are here...
                Gail and Moriah on her blessing day
all because two people fell in love.

                                                                  First year anniversary
Happy 15th Anniversary Babe!
Here's to another wonderful 15 years and an eternity more!


Saturday, November 2, 2013


We are loving four!!!  One, two and three were uhm, let's say challenging, ok I'll be honest, they were really hard.  I'm older now with less energy and Mo has a defiant and stubborn side.  But just when I was about to pull my hair out, she turned four.  Oh glorious four - age of reason, age of independence (the good kind), and in Mo's case the age of potty training.  Hallelujah!  Here are snapshots from her birthday parties, (she had a combined party with her friend who turned four a few days earlier, and of course her family party). 
Birthday Rock

Mo and Abby...Blow out the candles!

 Sure take a bite, it's your cake after all.

Birthday Wishes!  (Don't do it Bekah)

More presents!  I could get used to this.

This Is Halloween...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

...And We're Back

After a brief hiatus from the blogging world, we're back.  These next few posts claim that they were posted by Michael, (it's actually Gail blogging here), Mike was already signed in the computer so it naturally assumed I was him.  So I've realized I don't do a lot of blogging in the Summer, when we get home from our water/outdoor activities I'm too pooped to blog.  So here's our summer packed into a few words, swimming, water slides, Classic Fun Center, Lagoon, Bear get the idea. 

Here's the latest in our world: We just went to Disneyland, (pics below), Mo has finally accepted the concept of potty training, (that makes for a much happier mommy), the kids are doing great in school, when Mo feels more like a veteran potty-user she will join her preschool class.  We will also be getting a new pet, (a kitten) in the next few days, so watch for those cute pics.  Bekah got her ears pierced, (pics below).  Aaron earned his Wolf.  Gail was released from the primary presidency and now teaches activity days, and Mike teaches the Bears in cub scouts, so pretty soon he'll be Aaron's leader.  Our cluster of birthdays is also about to begin, so watch for those milestones in the near future. 

And now a word on privacy.  I've decided to go back to a Private Blog, so if you enjoy catching up with the Rimington's of the Michael and Gail variety, please email me and I'll send you an invite when I make this puppy private again.

Autumn at Wheeler Farm

Who's grumpier, the witch or Bekah?

Pick a pumpkin!

Pet the spider!

Just don't start it Aaron...

Toothless and Pierced!